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Painting has been my life project, initially I worked in the construction of the pieces as a whole.

From 2001 I started to work constantly on the expansion of the painting media.

At the beginning from the same paintings exploring the walls of the galleries and houses, from the “Game Over” series I started an unstoppable path that was encouraged by MFA studies, where the media and my own plastic create an intimate gesture in pop.

I am currently working to get all the elements that had made my work recognized from its plastic language: Close Ups, stripes and circles, threads painted and others that physically emerge from the paintings have made a one. Every day I'm amazed for the much that remains to be done.

Having an architecture bachelor degree has helped me to create strong links with the space outside the canvas. This path makes me create paintings that are not only part of the space, where paintings actually lives and has made a category in art history. I have incorporated threads that come out of paintings as expansion of the painting media creating intimate installations, where the space becomes part of the work in a whole very subtle.

Cosmography in my work comes from my strongly spiritual character that today celebrates a recognizable structure.

Luis RE.

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